Two Weeks Of Moving

There is a long build up towards finally getting a move ready into a new piece of real estate. Hours and hours of packing and organization comes down into a two week crunch time before moving day that entails final preparations for taking care of an old property and moving in to a new one.

With so much activity going on, both concerning a potential move and all of the extra obligations that come with buying a new home, you may forget some of these bits of information that are important to consider along a moving timeline. Keep these steps in mind as you hit the two-week stretch run before moving all of your worldly possessions into a new home.

Transfer Your Information
Many parts of your daily life will have to be transferred so that you can enjoy all the little things that make your life convenient in your new home. Perhaps the most important thing to transfer is utility services from an old home to a new home. Some utility companies will allow you to keep all of your information and history through a move.

For those that don't, you will have to go through and cancel utility service effective on your moving day to make sure you don't get charged for a new customer's use. One thing to keep in mind is that if there are special benefits for new customers, cancel your old account and take advantage of those benefits upon moving. Cable and satellite companies are especially known for offering benefits to sign ups and new addresses.

Prescription information at your pharmacy and banking account information at your local bank can also be transferred to a new location to keep a continuity of service. When moving into a new piece of real estate in a new location, these little conveniences can go a long way towards making a new residence truly a new home. Don't overlook continuity of your life as an important part of a moving process.

Set Aside The Essentials
The packing process will no doubt entail labeling boxes so that you know where to place boxes in your new home, but it can be a good idea to set aside some of those things that you will need immediately upon moving into a new piece of real estate.

Toilet paper is a great example of this type of item and packing it and other essentials in a separate box will minimize trips to the supermarket on a moving day that will no doubt be busy enough already. Setting aside this box of crucial items to be moved where it will be easy to get to at your new place can take some of the hassle out of moving and take a bit of stress out of the proceedings.

Get Through Moving Day
Getting through moving day is probably the best possible term for surviving what is sure to be a taxing, labor-intensive process. Moving day is a tough day to love, but making sure that you are thorough in your moving process can remove headaches later. Little things that people can sometimes forget include double checking rooms for left over items, leaving keys behind for a new owner and even eating. During what is sure to be a busy day, sometimes people forget to eat and that will only make life miserable as you try to move boxes on a empty stomach.

Make sure you turn all lights off and do a last run through of your old home to make sure that are truly ready to leave the property. This can be a sad step, but it's one that will keep you from having to come back later for a forgotten item. Make sure that you check outside as well. Lawn and garden items are often left behind because people become overly-concerned with in-house items.

By taking some of these tips to heart, you can make sure that your moving process, while it will certainly be a long, tough day, goes as smoothly as possible. A new home is an exciting purchase so don't let moving day discourage you too much about the process.

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